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Experienced Fishing Guide for the Columbia River

Portland, Astoria & Rufus: Fishing on the Columbia River

Portland, Astoria & Rufus: Fishing on the Columbia River

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We Fish Up and Down the Columbia

Fishing Trips in Portland Oregon

Conveniently located next to Oregon’s largest city.

Fishing Trips in Astoria Oregon

Great fishing at the mouth of the Columbia River.

Fishing Trips in Rufus Oregon

One of the best-kept secrets for walleye fishing.

Salmon Fishing Guide in Portland Oregon

One of the world’s best and most-famous salmon fisheries is right here in Oregon: the Columbia River. Columbia River Fishing Adventures offers spectacular angling fishing trips throughout Oregon. From the mouth of the Columbia in Astoria and Buoy 10, to Portland and area within an easy drive of the metro area, up to Bonneville Dam, you won’t find better fishing. The Columbia River flows for over 1,200 miles and gives plenty of opportunity to hook some of the most sought-after fish in the entire United States: the Pacific salmon.

Spring, Summer and Fall salmon runs offer plentiful runs of salmon all year round. Spring Chinook enter the Columbia River in March, and the larger “June Hogs” begin their run in the summer. Advancing to the Fall season, both Chinook and Coho are found throughout the river as they swim upstream to their natural spawning grounds. Our salmon fishing charters will put you where the fish are biting, but you should plan your trip and reserve your spot early. The best fishing guides often are booked up due to their knowledge of the river. Don’t miss out on this adventure of a lifetime – no matter what season fits your schedule.

Salmon fishing guide in Portland Oregon

Sturgeon fishing charters on the Columbia River

Charter Your Sturgeon Fishing Trip

The lower Columbia River is renown for hosting a prehistoric beast of a fish: the sturgeon. Our guided fishing charter will enable you to test your fishing skills against the magnificent sturgeon. The Columbia offers opportunities for both catch and release year round as well as catch and keep (or “sturgeon keepers”) for short windows during the year.

The most popular times to partake in a guided sturgeon fishing charter is during the Spring in Portland. The other very popular time of year is during the Summer in Astoria – where you can hunt for trophy-sized varieties of sturgeon. As Summer gives way to the Fall sturgeon fishing season, these beast-among-fish migrate toward Bonneville Dam.

Sturgeon fishing can be quite the thrill! Often fished in more shallow waters, as sturgeon are hooked, they are known to leap out of the water in spectacular shows of power. Landing a sturgeon is often one of the largest fish most anglers will ever land – and certainly the kind of fishing trip not to be missed.

Walleye Fishing Charter on the Columbia

The walleye of the Columbia River are big. Very big. We have clients who travel from all over the world for a chance to catch a genuine wall-hanging trophy walleye. The largest walleye recorded was caught in 2010 and weight 14 pounds, 7 ounces. An amazing fish for sure!

Big walleye spend half of their year feeding in the flat areas of the Columbia River, swimming close to the bottom. We often find walleye in 20 to 30 feet of water that weigh over four pounds. The best time for walleye fishing is in the summer, when the weather is typically warm and dry. Below Bonneville Dam from August through October is a popular season for walleye fishing. Plentiful within the Columbia, walleye fishing is a great family fishing trip, with many large fish caught each day per person.

But walleye fishing is not just a Summer sport! Walleye fishing in January is plentiful and numerous trophy walleye fish have been caught between January and end of February. Just be prepared for chilly weather, with plenty of wind and rain.

Our fishing guides have fished walleye for decades, quite literally. We target areas to fish for walleye that are plentiful and large. Come join us for a great walleye fishing adventure!

Walleye fishing is great near Rufus, Oregon

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