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Columbia River Fishing Guides

When it comes to Columbia River fishing guides, Columbia River Fishing Adventures is second to none. We offer world-class Oregon guided fishing trips for Salmon, Steelhead, Sturgeon, and Walleye.

With over 30 years-experience fishing the Pacific Northwest, we are among the top reputable fishing guides on the Columbia River and surrounding tributaries. We take pride that we are a father and son fishing guide team with testimonials from clients that book with us year after year.

Spring Chinook Fishing Trips

Columbia River Spring Chinook start entering the river in early March and can be caught well into June. Our Columbia River Salmon season starts at the mouth of the Lewis River, then works upstream to Bonneville Dam and Drano Lake. April/May is prime-time fishing, with Spring Chinook flooding into the river and thousands of anglers looking to target these spectacular and sought-after fish.

Summer Steelhead Fishing Trips

One of the best-kept secrets in Oregon is Summer Steelhead fishing on the Columbia River. This fishery provides adrenaline-pumping action and the opportunity to catch one of the most exciting species available in the Columbia River. These fish can be caught starting in May through August from the mouth of the Cowlitz River to Bonneville Dam. This is an ideal time to book your Steelhead guided fishing trip with Columbia River Fishing Adventures.

Walleye Fishing Trips

Columbia River Walleye fishing provides an opportunity to catch some of the best-tasting fish in the Columbia River. With an abundant population and no catch limit, Columbia River fishing guides catch Walleye year-round, with the best catch-rates taking place February through September. If you’re looking to charter an Oregon guided fishing trip, book with us today for a fun-filled day on the water.

Fall Chinook Fishing Trips

Columbia River Fall Chinook is the largest run of the Columbia River Salmon. The Chinook start entering the river in early August and can be caught well into October. This fishery provides world-class action and breathtaking scenery. The Chinook run begins at the mouth of the Columbia River, where we take part in the Astoria and Buoy 10 fisheries. As the season progresses, the Chinook push up river towards Bonneville Dam where you’ll join us targeting these fish for the remainder of the season.

Columbia River Sturgeon Fishing Trips

At Columbia River Fishing Adventures, you’ll join us catching the largest fresh-water fish in North America; the White Sturgeon. With a population of over 2 million Sturgeon in the Columbia River, we catch these dinosaurs year-round. Columbia River Sturgeon fishing guides target these fish from the mouth of Columbia River in Astoria to The Dalles Dam. Sturgeon fishing provides non-stop action averaging 20-40 fish caught per day. Call us to find out which season is underway for keeper or catch and release Sturgeon, as the season may vary.
If you’re looking for a true Columbia River Fishing Adventure, give us a call today. We’ll help you make memories that last a lifetime.