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Columbia River Salmon Fishing Trip

Fishing Guide in Astoria Oregon

Astoria is home to Buoy 10 and some of the greatest opportunities for catching salmon on the Columbia River.

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Astoria and Buoy 10 is World-Class Fishing on the Columbia

Astoria and the Columbia River fishery begins at Buoy 10, a channel marker at the mouth of the river. Head upriver, and you’ll pass Astoria, Scappoose, and then Portland before reaching Bonneville Dam near the Cascade Locks. There’s a lot to love about the Columbia River fishery, starting with the world-class fishing experience. The Columbia River is known for its world-class salmon fishing, but it is also home to equally impressive sturgeon fishing opportunities.

In addition, the Columbia River and the Columbia River Gorge is lined with green forests and rugged cliffsides, with snowcapped mountains not far in the distance. While you’re fishing, there will be plenty of opportunity to take in the beauty of the surrounding area. These waters are famous for the Chinook salmon, which returns from the oceans to spawn in three major waves, or runs: spring, summer, and fall. The fish of each run are characterized by differences in size and disposition, but all are large, powerful fighters on the line.

Salmon Fishing in Astoria Oregon

Spring, Summer and Fall Salmon Fishing Trips

Sturgeon Fishing in Astoria Oregon

Catch and Keep or Release Sturgeon Fishing

Buoy 10 Fishing on the Columbia

The Columbia River Offers Lots of Options

Astoria Salmon Fishing Guide

Astoria, Oregon is one of our favorite launching points for salmon fishing on the Columbia River. With reasonable proximity to Buoy 10, as well as short runs across the river under the Astoria-Megler Bridge, Astoria makes a great base of operations for multi-day fishing trips. The eastern-most boundary of this zone is an imaginary line that runs from Rocky Point on the Washington side of the river, to Tongue Point on the Oregon side.

The town of Astoria is well worth visiting while you’re there, too. The Astoria Column is a scenic lookout from which you may view the entire area, and commemorates a variety of early events in Oregon’s history. Astoria also has no shortage of excellent restaurants and hotels. Experience the rugged beauty of the river, and then retire to an evening with a fine meal, hotel, and all the comforts of civilization.

A group of people holding fish on a dock in Astoria, Oregon

Astoria and Buoy 10 are some of Oregon’s best Salmon Fishing

couple holding a sturgeon during a fishing in Astoria Oregon

Astoria offers world-class sturgeon fishing

Astoria Sturgeon Fishing Adventures

Some of the best fishing is in May and June as these fish hangout in the deep water pockets around the Portland area in the Columbia and Willamette rivers offering abundant takedowns for those clients that want to wear themselves out. As the season progresses June and July offer numerous opportunities out of Astoria in the shallow water. The incoming tide is best when they are feeding on anchovies and sand shrimp on the mud flats.

After the closure in 2014 and the select fishery reopener in 2017 the Departments of Fish and Wildlife for Oregon and Washington have reached an agreement for a limited slot retainage quota. They have designed this around two time frames in the year. The early projection for the lower Columbia around Astoria is going to be in May of 2018 and later in the year during September they may establish a time slot around Portland area. Currently there are no established dates and will keep you posted in my news releases.

Astoria Fishing Opportunities

Depending on the salmon run, season, and estimated fish counts, fishing the mouth of the Columbia River in the open ocean can be a rewarding experience. Salmon often school just beyond the mouth of the river as they wait for water conditions to reach optimal for their run up the Columbia. During such times, we tend to launch from the Hammond Marina, which is our most-Westerly boat launch near Fort Stevens, making the run over the Columbia bar a shorter hop to reach our fishing zone in the open ocean.

One of the most famous fishing spots on the Columbia River is Buoy 10. Buoy 10 is the buoy that marks the mouth of the Columbia River and is a great spot for Chinook and Coho salmon fishing, as the fish enter the river fresh from the ocean.

We fish Buoy 10 just before and after the tide changes, with the slack tide often yielding the best results. With a soft outgoing tide, the fish tend to turn their noses upstream and our tactic is to troll downstream to present the bait in front of more fish.

A group of people holding salmon fish on a dock in Astoria, Oregon

Guided Fishing Trips in Astoria Oregon

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Catch a world-class Chinook salmon

Nothing like the thrill of hooking a big one

Fishing in Astoria Oregon

The Columbia River, a mecca for anglers worldwide, unfurls its watery magic from the iconic Buoy 10 at its mouth all the way to the imposing Bonneville Dam near Cascade Locks when you are fishing in Astoria Oregon.

Fishing in Astoria Oregon offers more than just a chance to catch a trophy fish – it’s a journey through breathtaking landscapes and a testament to nature’s bounty.

Astoria, Oregon, stands as a natural gateway to this aquatic paradise. Here, the mighty Columbia meets the vast Pacific, setting the stage for world-class salmon and sturgeon fishing. As you navigate upstream, the emerald embrace of forests and rugged cliffsides takes hold, their grandeur accentuated by snow-capped peaks gracing the horizon. This breathtaking backdrop will be your constant companion as you cast your line and experience the thrill of the Columbia River.

Salmon reign supreme in these waters, their annual migration drawing anglers from around the globe for fishing in Astoria Oregon. The Chinook, a majestic fighter known for its size and strength, returns in three distinct waves – spring, summer, and fall.

Each run boasts unique characteristics: the spring Chinook, prized for its delicate flavor despite its smaller size; the summer “June Hogs,” pushing the scales to a staggering 40 pounds and testing your every angling skill; and the fall Chinook, the ultimate prize, offering the perfect blend of size and culinary delight.

Astoria’s proximity to Buoy 10 and its convenient location under the Astoria-Megler Bridge make it the ideal base camp for multi-day fishing adventures. Whether you prefer trolling across the vast expanse of the river or venturing closer to the Oregon shore, Astoria provides a launchpad for exploring the diverse fishing grounds. The eastern boundary of this prime fishing zone, marked by an imaginary line connecting Rocky Point on the Washington side and Tongue Point on the Oregon side, encompasses a wealth of opportunities for both seasoned anglers and curious beginners.

But the allure of fishing in Astoria Oregon extends beyond the thrill of the catch—the quaint town of Astoria beckons with its rich history and charm. Ascend the Astoria Column, a towering monument commemorating Oregon’s early events, and take in the breathtaking panorama of the river meeting the sea.

After a day of fishing in Astoria Oregon, unwind in one of Astoria’s excellent restaurants, indulging in a well-deserved feast. Luxurious hotels offer a comfortable haven, allowing you to rest and recharge before diving back into the adventure the next day.

Fishing in Astoria Oregon is more than just a sport –an immersive experience. It’s a chance to challenge yourself against some of the most prized fish in the world, to be humbled by the sheer beauty of nature, and to create lasting memories in a place where wilderness meets comfort. So, pack your gear, grab a sense of adventure, and prepare to be captivated by the magic of the Columbia River, from the bustling port of Astoria to the majestic Bonneville Dam.

Astoria: Where Salmon Run Wild and Sturgeon Lurk

Astoria has stood proudly as a global salmon fishing hub for over 250 years. This legacy of fishing in Astoria Oregon is fueled by the Columbia River’s unique ecosystem, attracting salmon on a journey no angler can resist. The magic unfolds across six months, thanks to five distinct salmon runs: three Chinook runs (spring, summer, and fall), a Sockeye run, and a Coho/Silver Salmon return.

There are so many unique opportunities to battle these magnificent fish during fishing in Astoria Oregon, and they’re all fresh from the vast ocean. Imagine casting your line during fishing in Astoria Oregon and feeling the exhilarating pull of a bright, aggressive salmon – an experience that defines Astoria’s fishing scene.

But the bounty of Astoria’s waters extends beyond salmon during your fishing in Astoria Oregon. 

From June to September, the Columbia River near Astoria transforms into a feeding ground for colossal sturgeon. Drawn by the abundance of baitfish in the estuary, these giants gather for a feast, offering an unparalleled fishing adventure. Sturgeon season in Astoria is strategically divided into two parts. Early in the season, typically mid-May to early June, a short “keeper season” allows anglers to claim their prize. As the season progresses, the focus shifts to “catch and release.” This responsible approach ensures the sustainability of these magnificent creatures, allowing you to experience the thrill of battling trophy sturgeon for months to come.

What makes sturgeon fishing in Astoria truly special are the shallow waters (often just 3-6 feet deep) where these behemoths lurk. Witnessing a sturgeon launch out of the water in a display of raw power is an experience unmatched anywhere else. Don’t just take our word for it – check out our video and glimpse the excitement that awaits!

As the months roll by (May through October), Astoria’s fishing scene bursts with various possibilities, all within a short boat ride from the mouth of the Columbia River. When the ocean beckons, prime salmon fishing awaits from late June through October, extending the already impressive salmon season. The sheer number of options ensures an adventure awaits every angler.

Whether you prefer the calmer waters of the Columbia River or the vast expanse of the ocean, Astoria caters to your needs. The Columbia River’s smoother waters are ideal for those who prefer a more relaxed fishing experience, and our team is happy to help you plan the perfect trip.  If motion sickness concerns you, let us know during booking – for full-boat reservations, we can strategize and target the smoothest areas for your day of fishing bliss.

Fishing in Astoria Oregon  is more than just catching a trophy fish –connecting with nature’s bounty, experiencing adrenaline-pumping battles, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. From chasing vibrant salmon fresh from the ocean to witnessing the sheer power of sturgeon in shallow waters, Astoria offers an unparalleled adventure for every angler. Let us guide you on this journey of discovery – set sail from Astoria and discover the magic that awaits you!

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