Where is the Best Fishing on the Columbia River?

August 27, 2022

Where is the Best Fishing on the Columbia River?

Are you searching for your next wild fishing expedition destination? If yes, don’t overlook all
that the waters in the Pacific Northwest have to offer. Anglers are sure to find the perfect place to
drop their lines. And with various wild fish species and locations from which to choose, no two
fishing excursions are precisely the same.

But the destination you don’t want to miss is the Columbia River. This majestic and well-known
river offers anglers the chance to catch a wide variety of fish, including Spring Silvers, Chinook (or “King”) salmon, White Sturgeon and Walleye to name a few.

Fish The Same River Of Great Expeditionists And Explorers

The Columbia River is a leading destination for history buffs, outdoor lovers, and anglers alike.
After all, it was where expedition greats like Lewis and Clark explored. What’s not to love about
that? One thousand two hundred forty-three miles of river run through seven states, including
Oregon. By volume, it’s the fourth largest river in the United States. As for fish species, the
Columbia River is home to around 90 different species.

Not surprisingly, Pacific Northwest fisheries are among the most productive in the world. The
reason is due, in part, to the many different species of fish that call these waters home. Anglers
can find everything from salmon to sturgeon to walleye in the Pacific Northwest, making for an
exciting and diverse fishing experience.

What’s more, the Pacific Northwest offers a wide variety of fishing locations from which to
choose. Anglers can drop their lines in a pristine mountain stream, on the open ocean, or among
the many rivers that flow through this beautiful region. So if you’re considering a fishing
expedition, you’re sure to find a place to enjoy a successful fishing trip.

Portland Oregon Fishing Trips

In Portland, Oregon, you’ll find some of the best fishing on the Columbia River. Portland is a
convenient destination for visitors to fly or drive in and for locals to drop their fishing lines.
Among the fish species that call the Portland area of the Columbia River home are Spring
Salmon, King salmon, Chinook salmon, and White Sturgeon.

These fish are fun to catch, making Portland the perfect destination for anyone looking for a
great day on the water. And each season brings different fish to the area, so you can come back
time and again and always have a new and exciting fishing adventure. Let’s explore your fishing options!

  • Spring Salmon – Also known as Chinook salmon, or “king salmon”, these fish are the most prominent of the salmon family.
    They are also the most popular and can weigh up to 30 pounds. You’ll find them in the Portland
    area of the Columbia River from late May through June.
  • Silver Salmon – Also known as Coho salmon, or “silvers,” these fish are slightly smaller than spring Chinook salmon and average around 5
    to 15 pounds. They’re bright, silver and a fan favorite among anglers. You can find them
    in the Portland area of the Columbia River from late September through November. The Oregon coast Coho salmon is listed as a threatened species under the federal Endangered Species Act.
  • White Sturgeon – These massive fish are the largest freshwater fish in North America. Sturgeon
    can grow to 20 feet long and over 800 pounds. They’re dark gray or white and have a long, pointed
    snout. They are common in the Portland area of the Columbia River from January through
    October. Columbia River Sturgeon are considered a delicacy and served at very few
  • Fall Chinook Salmon – These fish are the largest salmon in North America. They can reach
    lengths of over 4 feet and weigh up to 50 pounds. They’re bright silver with black spots and
    fins. You can find Fall Chinook Salmon in the Portland area of the Columbia River from September
    through October.

Buoy 10 And The Columbia River

Fishermen in the Pacific Northwest know Buoy 10 is the place to be for some of the best salmon
fishing. The Columbia River, which runs between the border of Oregon and Washington state, is home to numerous
species of salmon, and Buoy 10 is one of the most popular fishing spots. Located at the mouth of
the Columbia River, Buoy 10 is a great place to fish for Chinook salmon, also known as King salmon.

These massive fish can weigh up to 50 pounds, and fishermen prize them for their fight and
delicious meat. Buoy 10 is also a popular spot for fishing for Coho salmon, also known as silver
salmon. These smaller fish also put up a good fight and are delicious. So if you’re searching for an excellent spot to go salmon fishing, Buoy 10 is the
place to be early in the Salmon season.

Trophy Walleye Fishing In Rufus, Oregon

If you’re looking for a place to reel in a trophy-size walleye, look no further than Rufus,
Oregon. This small town located upstream of Biggs Junction is well-known for its excellent
walleye fishery. Anglers from around the nation flock to this small town to try their luck landing
one of the large Walleye that call the area home.

Walleye season runs from February through October, so there’s plenty of time to come and wet your
line. The average walleye weighs around 1 to 3 pounds, but the fish caught in Rufus have been
known to tip the scales at 15 pounds or more. So, this is the place to be if you’re looking for a
trophy size fish.

When fishing for any fish, having suitable bait and tackle matters; for example, you must use a
quality jig head with a sharp hook when targeting walleyes. A work harness will work well, too. Click here for more information on how to catch walleye on the Columbia River. Generally, when it comes to bait for walleyes, you want something that looks like the food they are eating to attract
the attention of hungry fish.

Rise To The Challenge Of Sturgeon Fishing

Sturgeon fishing is a challenge. It requires patience, skill, and a knowledgeable fishing guide. But once you’ve
got a sturgeon on your line, you’ll never forget the thrill of pulling up a big fish from
the Columbia River.

To succeed at sturgeon fishing, selecting the right spot is essential. While choosing the deepest
part of the river seems logical because that’s where the fish live, this might not be the best strategy. The
deeper the spot, might not always be holding the fish. The best approach  might be a shallow spot where
the current isn’t as strong. Your fishing guide will know all the spots where sturgeon are feeding and help you hook one of these great fish.

Sturgeons use this habitat to hide from predators like sea lions. As long as the fish aren’t
disturbed by speeding boats or loud sea lions, they tend to remain in the safety of the shallows. For
bank anglers, the ideal spot is a sandy area near a rock ledge.

Columbia River Salmon Fishing Is A Great Way To Spend Your Day

Among the main draws of Columbia River Fishing are the salmon. These fish migrate upstream
every year to spawn. And while some die along the way, many make it back to the ocean to grow
into very large adults.

The Columbia River has two significant runs of Chinook Salmon: Spring and Fall. Spring
Chinooks run from March until June, and Fall Chinooks run from September until November.
Both runs produce excellent catches.

Chinook salmon have habitats in other rivers throughout Washington state, but the Columbia
River is the biggest fishery.

Chinook salmon are popular to catch, making them the perfect fishing opportunity for new or young
anglers. They also taste great on your dinner plate. Working with a
trusted guide service will help you maximize your chances of landing a fantastic Chinook salmon.

Columbia River Fishing Spots

Depending on the season and which species of fish you’re interested in, your fishing guide will help you find the best spots to cast your line.

The Columbia River and surrounding estuary are home to various fish species, making it a
popular destination for anglers worldwide. Some of the most common species include salmon,
steelhead, walleye, and sturgeon. The river also supports a healthy bass, catfish, and perch

With so many options, it’s no wonder the Columbia River is one of the most popular fishing
destinations in the country. So whether you’re looking to catch your dinner or enjoy a day out on
the water, a Columbia River fishing guide can help you make the most of your time on the river.

From choosing the right spot to bait and tackle, fishing guides have the experience and
knowledge to help you make your fishing trip a success. So whether you’re a seasoned angler or
just getting started, be sure to book a fishing charter when planning your next fishing adventure on the
Columbia River.

We Support Sustainability

Our fishing guides have been working with local communities since the 80’s. Our
guides understand the importance of supporting the environment and our community. We strive
to educate our guests about conservation efforts and how we can all play a proactive role in
protecting the natural resources of the Columbia River.

At Columbia River Fishing Adventures, we take pride in being stewards of the environment. Our guides work
closely with the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
to ensure that the Columbia River fishery is protected from over-fishing for years to come.

Further, we follow all salmon fishery guidelines to support healthy fish populations for future
generations. For example, fish that don’t meet minimum size requirements or exceed catch quota
get returned to the water unharmed.

Your Fishing Charter Guide Supplies All The Gear!

Let’s face it. Maybe you didn’t have time or the room to pack your fishing gear. Perhaps you
didn’t plan to fish at all. Or maybe you’re new to fishing and don’t have any equipment! No
matter the reason, there’s no need to miss out on the fun.

Booking a fishing charter solves all the problems that might keep you from enjoying a great day
of fishing. The charter will provide all the equipment you need for a successful day on the water,
including the boat, gear, bait, and most importantly, the experiences and know-how.

Instead of missing out on the opportunity or wasting precious time searching for the hottest
fishing spots on the Columbia River, you can cut to the chase with an experienced guide who
knows the water of the Columbia and where the fish are biting.

Whether an experienced angler or new to sportfishing, booking a charter is the best way to
ensure you have a fun, successful day on the water. Plus, you have more fun connecting with
local guides who are passionate about what they do and love sharing their knowledge with

With firsthand experience on the water and access to technology that tracks fish movements,
monitors weather conditions, and more, charter guides are the experts you want on your team
when planning a fishing adventure. They work hard to ensure their charter guests don’t go home

Booking A Charter With An Experienced Guide Will Ensure You Have Fun and Safe Day On The Water.

When you book a charter with Columbia River Fishing Adventures, you get more than just a boat ride. From
the time you leave the boat launch to when you return, our expert captains care for everything.
We provide needed gear, bait, and tackle based on your chosen excursion. Our guides know the
waters well, and we always have an experienced Guide running the Boat.

Our Guides are trained professionals with years of experience guiding clients through the
Columbia River Gorge. So whether spending an afternoon on the water or going on a multi-day
fishing trip, we work with guests to ensure it is a trip they won’t soon forget.

We specialize in guided trips for beginners and experts alike. So no matter whether you already
have experience fishing or are a novice, our experienced, friendly, and knowledgeable Guides
will ensure you have fun and successfully on the water!

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