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Columbia River Sturgeon Season

Closed to retention of green sturgeon. Open for white sturgeon retention 1 per day, 2 per year: Jan 1 – until quota reached, from Bonneville Dam to McNary Dam; Feb [...]

Guided Walleye Fishing

Walleye Fishing Guides Columbia River Fishing Adventures are year-round walleye fishing guides offering guided walleye fishing trips in the Portland area as well as the Columbia River gorge. Many people have no idea [...]

Fishing Calendar

January Sturgeon, Walleye February Sturgeon, Walleye March Sturgeon, Spring Chinook, Walleye April Sturgeon, Spring Chinook, Walleye May Sturgeon, Spring Chinook, Walleye June Sturgeon, Summer Chinook, Walleye July Sturgeon, Summer [...]

Choosing and Rigging Sturgeon Bait

Types of Sturgeon Bait Sturgeon can be very aggressive feeders. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re willing to eat just anything, any time.  When they want a particular bait, [...]

2020 Columbia River Sturgeon Season update

Zone 6 Recreational White Sturgeon Fisheries Under permanent regulations, the area from Bonneville Dam upstream to McNary Dam opens January 1 each year for white sturgeon retention. For 2020, [...]

Winter Fishing in Portland Oregon

Sturgeon Fishing The number of sturgeon in the lower Willamette begins increasing in October to November as the Sturgeon migrate out of the Columbia River and into the Willamette. [...]

Top 6 Tactics for Catching Salmon

When it comes to fishing for salmon on the Columbia every angler has their secret method. As a long time Oregon Fishing Guide, the tactics we are going to discuss [...]

Tips for Columbia River sturgeon fishing

As a top Columbia River fishing guide with decades of experience catching sturgeon, Buddy Dupell (guide and owner of Columbia River Fishing Adventures, in Portland, Oregon), knows how sturgeon travel the [...]

Buddy Dupell

I grew up fishing for salmon and sturgeon in northwest Oregon’s Willamette River. As a kid, I remember seeing a few fishing guides working the river and thinking about [...]

Best Baits for Oregon Fishing

Some of Oregon’s bodies of water allow the use of bait while others are restricted to artificial flies and lures. A knowledgeable Oregon Fishing guide can advise you on the [...]

Portland Oregon Sturgeon Fishing

Sturgeon are present in the Willamette River near Portland Oregon year-round, but in the winter and early spring huge numbers of large sturgeon move into the Willamette, the lower [...]

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