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Columbia River Guided Fishing Trip

Fishing Guide in Portland Oregon

Portland has it all! Great opportunities for a Columbia River guided fishing trip from the convenience of Portland Oregon.

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Portland Fishing is Abundant and Convenient – A Great Combo

Portland Oregon features great fisheries for year round guided fishing. From Spring, Summer, and Fall salmon runs, to world-class sturgeon fishing, Portland has it all. Not only is it super convenient to launch in Portland, but Portland also has the advantage of location: Chinook and Coho all must swim past Portland on their way to spawning grounds upriver, which means the fishing in abundant with plenty of opportunities to land fish known to be great fighters — and great tasting, too!

We guide for locals as well as sport fishers who fly in from out of town to take advantage of all that Portland has to offer. When you plan your fishing trip out of Portland, we secure your fishing date and meet you on the dock for a great day of fishing.

Salmon Fishing in Portland Oregon

Spring, Summer and Fall Salmon Fishing Trips

Sturgeon Fishing in Portland Oregon

Catch and Keep or Release Sturgeon Fishing

Walleye Fishing in Portland Oregon

The Columbia River Offers Lots of Options

Portland Salmon Fishing Guide

Spring Chinook salmon are the most sought-after salmon species bar none. This fish has the most oil-flavored omega-3 fat meat of any salmon. These fish arrive in mid-March and traveling over 800 miles to spawn in late fall. Once you catch one of these fish and barbecue with your closest friends, you’ll understand why it’s worth the wait. This salmon is the finest tasting on the entire West Coast, and its available six months out of the year from Oregon waters.

The Columbia and Willamette rivers come together at Portland joining Oregon’s two largest spring salmon runs in the state’s largest city. The river narrows giving us the best opportunity in catching and for those out of towner’s easy access to fishing along with enjoying the Portland fine dining and in the brewery capital of the world.

In the Portland area, the Columbia River is our backyard and we fish its salmon seasons with clients who are both local and international. The Portland salmon fishery is world-class! Not only are spring Chinook salmon abundant, but the Portland region of the Columbia River is breathtakingly beautiful. If you’ve never been to Portland for a fishing charter, you’re in for a treat: the forests are green, Mt. Hood is snowcapped, and the Columbia River Gorge has rock formations and cliffs that are nothing if not impressive.

Three person holding salmon while fishing in Portland Oregon.

King salmon minutes from Portland

A couple holding sturgeon on a boat during a fishing in Portland Oregon.

Sturgeon fishing right here in Portland Oregon

Portland Sturgeon Fishing Adventures

Some of the best fishing is in May and June as these fish hangout in the deep water pockets around the Portland area in the Columbia and Willamette rivers offering abundant takedowns for those clients that want to wear themselves out.

We tend to run lighter gear when fishing for keeper sturgeon. We basically use the same methods as we do for catching Trophy class fish. It’s fairly simple, we anchor the boat at specific locations where we know sturgeon tend to stack up. At that point we like to plunk bait off the bottom. We generally fish in anywhere from 4 feet to 25 feet deep water depending on the section of river and size of fish we’re targeting. Fresh baits like herring, shad, crawfish, or freshwater clams are among the most effective baits to use and it’s not unusual to hook up with over 50 of these fish in a day. Sturgeon are also predatorial and we’ve even had a few occasions where they’ve chased down our bait on the troll. Sturgeon are hard fighting fish and super fun to catch, giving anglers a real thrill when hooking into one of them. Known for volcanic surfaces and aerial acrobatics sturgeon fishing can definitely get the heart pumping.

Portland Fishing Opportunities

There’s a reason that Portland is such a popular fishery for spring Chinook salmon charters: they fight hard and taste delicious. The Portland spring Chinook salmon run features salmon averaging 8-12 pounds, with some larger fish in the 12-20 pound range. And there’s a reason they are so tasty: spring-run Chinook are mostly stream-type salmon, which means they spend more of their juvenile years in freshwater streams and rivers, allowing them to gain size and strength before they journey to the ocean.

The Columbia River is the best place to hook a spring Chinook salmon but we recommend hiring a professional salmon fishing guide to help ensure success. The guides that run our salmon fishing charter know the river and stay current on the latest reports. For more details on what to expect from your salmon fishing guide, just click here.

Four men proudly display their catch of Walleye fish on a boat during a fishing trip on the Columbia River

Guided Fishing Trips in Portland Oregon

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Catch a world-class Chinook salmon

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Fishing in Portland, Oregon

Oregon boasts one of the world’s most renowned salmon fisheries – the mighty Columbia River. Columbia River Fishing Adventures unlocks this aquatic paradise, offering unforgettable fishing in Portland Oregon from Astoria at the mouth of the river up to Bonneville Dam, conveniently accessible from the Portland metro area. Imagine casting your line on a river stretching over 1,200 miles, a potential battleground with some of the most prized fish in the US – the Pacific salmon.

The Columbia River comes alive with seasonal salmon runs, providing year-round opportunities to hook your dream catch with our fishing in Portland Oregon. Spring Chinook begin their journey upstream in March, followed by the arrival of the larger “June Hogs” in summer. As fall approaches, Chinook and Coho flood the river, swimming tirelessly toward their natural spawning grounds.

We will position you strategically in prime fishing hotspots while fishing in Portland Oregon, maximizing your chances of landing a trophy salmon. However, planning and booking your adventure in advance is crucial, as the most sought-after guides fill their calendars quickly – their knowledge of the river is invaluable.

Don’t let this once-in-a-lifetime experience pass you by – ask us about fishing in Portland Oregon today. Choose a season that fits your schedule and prepare for an epic fishing adventure.

The Columbia River offers more than just salmon. This majestic waterway holds a prehistoric secret – the mighty sturgeon. Embark on a guided sturgeon fishing charter and test your skills against this magnificent beast.

The Columbia River allows for catch-and-release fishing year-round, promoting responsible fishing practices and designated periods for “sturgeon keepers” to enjoy the fruits of their successful catch.

Spring in Portland and summer in Astoria mark the peak seasons for sturgeon fishing charters. During spring, Portland offers excellent opportunities to target these giants, while Astoria transforms into a haven for trophy-sized sturgeon during the summer months. As fall approaches, the sturgeon migrates upstream towards Bonneville Dam, providing a final chance to encounter these legendary fish before they reach their wintering grounds.

Sturgeon fishing is an exhilarating experience when you sign up for fishing in Portland Oregon. Fought in shallower waters, these mighty creatures are known to launch themselves out of the water in spectacular displays of strength and resilience. Landing a sturgeon is an accomplishment for any angler, often exceeding anything they’ve encountered. With Columbia River Fishing Adventures, a thrilling sturgeon fishing trip awaits – an adventure you won’t want to miss.

Catch Salmon Treasures While Fishing in Portland Oregon

The Columbia River isn’t just a fishing paradise – it’s a haven for various salmon species, each offering unique challenges and rewards. Here’s a glimpse into the bounty that awaits when you sign up for fishing in Portland Oregon:

Columbia River Walleye: Trophy Fish Await

The Columbia River is a walleye wonderland, attracting anglers worldwide who dream of reeling in a trophy fish for the wall. The record stands at a staggering 14 pounds, 7 ounces, a testament to the size these giants can reach.

These big walleye lurk in the Columbia’s flat areas for half the year, hugging the bottom in 20-30 feet of water. It’s common to find walleye exceeding 4 pounds, making for an exciting catch.

Summer reigns supreme for walleye fishing, offering warm and dry weather.  From August to October, below Bonneville Dam, is a popular season for anglers targeting these prized fish. With abundant walleye throughout the Columbia, it’s a fantastic family fishing trip, often resulting in multiple large catches per person.

But the fun doesn’t stop when summer ends! Winter walleye fishing in January can be surprisingly fruitful, with numerous trophy catches reported between January and February. Be prepared for the chillier weather, with wind and rain being possible.

There’s More to Fish at the Columbia River

The Columbia River’s aquatic treasures extend far beyond the mighty walleye. Here’s a glimpse into the diverse species waiting to be hooked:

Our experienced guides, with decades of expertise targeting walleye, know precisely where to find these plentiful giants.  Join us for an unforgettable walleye fishing adventure on the Columbia River!

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