Top 5 Walleye Fishing locations in Washington

November 10, 2021

1. Columbia and Snake Rivers

The Columbia River is known to walleye anglers as ‘the river of giants’ and offers world-class walleye fishing. The Columbia is considered a record walleye destination and anglers have journeyed here from all over the United States and beyond. The variety of habitat and seasonal opportunities makes it a unique opportunity. While wind may affect chasing fish at times, there is a lot of rivers to fish. Anglers are reminded that what works today may not work next week.

There is always something to challenge an angler and the hope of a large fish is always there. Any person with a boat and someone to show them how it’s done can catch on easily and learn the fishery really well.

2. Potholes Reservoir (Grant County)

Potholes Reservoir is located about seven miles south of the City of Moses Lake. This body of water is open year-round and offers a variety of fishing opportunities including Walleye. In certain years, the reservoir freezes over providing an ice fishery for Walleye and other fish species. A large private resort, a state park, and several developed public access areas provide all necessary amenities for this large reservoir.

3. Moses Lake (Grant County)

Located in its namesake City, this body of water has year-round fishing opportunities for warm-water fish and Rainbow Trout. WDFW fish surveys indicate a high abundance of Walleye and Smallmouth Bass. Walleye in Moses Lake can reach and exceed the 10-pound mark.

4. Banks Lake (Grant County)

Stretching almost 27 miles from Coulee City at the south to Electric City at the north, this large reservoir is very popular with anglers pursuing many species. Walleye is one of the most popular species to fish for at Banks Lake.

5. Lake Roosevelt (Stevens County)

Open year-round, Walleye is one of the star attractions at Lake Roosevelt. The National Park Service operates 35 recreation areas along the 660 miles of shoreline. Maps are available at the dam’s visitor center and WDFW Spokane office.

Other Walleye Waters

– Scooteney Reservoir (Franklin County)

– Billy Clapp (Grant County)

– Long Lake (Grant County)

– Soda Lake (Grant County)

– Upper and Lower Goose (Grant County)

– Evergreen Lake (Grant County)

– Liberty Lake (Spokane County)

– Box Canyon Reservoir (Pend Oreille County)

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