Fishing Testimonials

I’ve sturgeon fished before but this is the best sturgeon fishing experience I’ve had. Fishing was great, action all day. Buddy made our trip memorable and unforgettable. We fished with a group of four people and we caught fish all day. The boat was really nice and the five of us fished comfortably. I definitely would go out again with Buddy. We want to come back and experience the salmon fishing. We would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to book a fishing trip!

Ryan B

First time Sturgeon Fishing. It was action packed, fun and a great learning experience. Buddy does an excellent job of keeping the “fun” in the day. I think a gift certificate for anyone is a great idea. Boys or girls…. book your trip today.

Lorrie Massie

A few friends and myself went on a weekend sturgeon trip, at the end of march. The fishing was unbelievable, we ended up with 86 sturgeon total, with half of them in the 4′ to 6′ range. The biggest one was 8.5′ and around 300lb plus!

I have been on a lot of guided trips before, and this was by far the best. Buddy works hard to keep u on the fish, by bouncing around to different spots. He has a ton of local knowledge and fishing techniques. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to have a great time fishing!!

Bryan H


Hey Buddy, It’s Brad. You took a group of us out on the Columbia on 6/09/09 to hook into some Sturgeon. It was a very special time for me, being that I was able to enjoy this “AWESOME” fishing trip with my Nephew Aaron who was on a short leave from Iraq. I don’t think I could thank you enough for the great time you gave us. Not only was the Sturgeon fishing great, the Shad fishing for bait was awesome as well. I truly believe that we could not have found a better guide! Aaron will be back home in Feb or Mar of 2010. We would love to plan a trip to knock them dead again. Once again, Thank you so much for an AWESOME TIME!!!! See you in 2010!

Hello Buddy,

I just wanted to thank you for the best day of fishing ever! My son, two brothers and I had a great time and were so happy to have chosen you as our guide. My son still beams Every time we talk about that trip! We had never sturgeon fished before and had no idea what to expect.

Well let’s just say; we all thought we were going to spend the day relaxing in the sun and hopefully reeling in a few fish. Man, where we wrong! I had not worked that hard since I was a kid digging ditches.

Keith still jokes about how sore his arms are. We had no idea how hard those fish could pull and it was amazing that a fish that big could jump so high. What a Blast! Are trip far exceeded are expectations. Next time we come to Oregon. We will definitely be going sturgeon fishing with you.

Thanks again for all of your effort.
Bill Keizer

Hi Buddy,

Herbert and I are back to Los Angeles now after another successful and satisfying trip with you in the Columbia River. Our last trip ( April 2008) to the Columbia River was also very enjoyable and relaxing. I have been telling my fishing friends that Buddy Dupell is our most favorite fishing guide.

Fishing with you is lots of fun yet it won’t break our wallet. As an avid fisherman ( try my personal Global Adventure website , ) , I traveled all over the world looking for good fishing spots. So far my slogan is ” don’t argue with success”.

Both our Sturgeon trip and Chinook Salmon trip with you as our guide were 100 % successful. Herbert kept on telling me how much he enjoyed fishing in your boat. That said, I am taking another group of anglers to Portland to visit with you again in April 2009 and hope that ” history will repeat itself”, a great fishing trip. Thanks again.

Raymond Yu


I just wanted to say thanks for the great fishing trip you provided me, my husband and two kids.

We had never fished for sturgeon or with a guide before and had no idea what to expect.

Your knowledge and patience with the kids made are trip a total success. We will be fishing with you again next spring. You have a top-notch operation and I would recommend your services to anyone.

Teresa Ames


I wanted to let you know how much fun we had fishing. I can say that without a doubt that was the best fishing trip we have ever been on. My brother cant stop talking about the trip and he didn’t even want to go. He had never been fishing prior to the trip And we had to talk him into coming along. It will be a little difficult for me to get excited about trout fishing again after catching All those big sturgeon. I am certainly looking forward to fishing with you again so that my son can experience it too. We will see you next year.

Thanks again!
Scott Vandervast


Andrew and I wanted to send you a big “thank you” for the fantastic day on the river. There is not a guide on the river that works harder to get his clients fish and that certainly was the case the day you took us out.

You have a big comfortable boat, the best tackle and the experience to put it in the right place – and you are a pleasure to spend the day with. We look forward to the next time out with you and I tell everyone who is looking for a great day of fishing to call Buddy Dupell.

Thanks again for the great memories!
Dan Howell