Tips for Winter Fishing in Portland Oregon

November 1, 2021

Buddy Dupell, guide and owner of Columbia River Fishing Adventures in Portland, has acquired decades of knowledge and experience that help him plan guided fishing trips for his clients to have the most fun and the best possible fishing experiences of their lives.

Here are a few ways he is able to do it:

For sturgeon fishing – Buddy understands how sturgeon navigate river currents in search of a steady food supply.  He knows that their usual patterns of movement don’t always predict where they will be at any given time or season. The timing of good sturgeon fishing is often determined by the water temperature, since sturgeon feed primarily in areas where the water is between 50 to 65 degrees F. In spring or summer, that usually means planning to fish in the early morning or early evening; in fall or winter, depending on the location, he designs fishing trip that takes into consideration when the sun will warm the water enough to accommodate sturgeon feeding in a particular location.

For Winter Steelhead fishing – Oregon Fishing Guides  know how elusive and challenging steelhead can be, which is why some anglers call them the “the ultimate game fish.” He knows that in the winter months, winter steelhead, who like dark water to help them stalk their prey, will move only when the sun is off the water. This makes the cooler, darker-water times of the day, and the year, his target times to fish for them. Buddy will also tell you that some of the best steelhead fishing comes when the river water levels start to drop after a high-water event, often during November and December, which makes it easier to locate  fish in the water. He recommends a stealth approach, and patience, for increasing your chances of catching one of these spectacular, hard-fighting fish.

For Walleye fishing – Columbia River Walleye Fishing Guides will tell you that it’s always a good time to fish for Walleye on the Columbia River when you have a few “tricks” up your sleeve. Since Walleye have excellent vision, making them good hunters in low light, as well as the ability to speed up to overcome their prey, Buddy suggests anglers use a fishing technique like “power trolling” to take advantage of their aggressive behavior. For more tips on catching Walleye, see our blog titled, “10 Tips for Catching Walleye in Oregon Rivers.”

For exciting guided winter fishing trips in the Portland, Oregon area for Steelhead, sturgeon, Walleye and salmon, contact Buddy Dupell of Columbia River Fishing Adventures, at (503) 490-3099, or email  him at [email protected].

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