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Fishing Calendar

January Sturgeon, Walleye
February Sturgeon, Walleye
March Sturgeon, Spring Chinook, Walleye
April Sturgeon, Spring Chinook, Walleye
May Sturgeon, Spring Chinook, Walleye
June Sturgeon, Summer Chinook, Walleye
July Sturgeon, Summer Steelhead, Walleye
August Sturgeon, Fall Chinook, Walleye
September Sturgeon, Fall Chinook, Walleye
October Sturgeon, Fall Chinook, Walleye
November Sturgeon, Walleye
December Sturgeon, Walleye

Oversized Sturgeon Fishing Trips

This is the trip many folks dream about. Oversized sturgeon exceed the 5-foot maximum keeper length.

Many are well over 8-feet and some exceed the 14-foot mark. Imagine fish weighing up to 500 pounds, making acrobatic leaps from the water. You will spend 20 minutes to an hour landing these monsters.

This is big game fishing at its finest. The season typically begins mid-May and lasts through the summer.

Keeper sturgeon Fishing Trips

The keepers are available year-round but the best fishing is February through May and the month of October.

Keepers are between 3.5 and 5 feet in length. They are hard fighting, athletic fish. They also have some of the most tender and succulent flesh available.

An average day of keeper fishing involves 20 to 50 fish with some that are sub-legal but still sporting to play and land.

Landing 5 to 10 keepers in addition to the numerous sub-legal fish is common in a single day.

Keeper trips mean bent rods, tons of action and a cooler filled with incredible meat.

Spring Chinook

The spring Chinook is among the most sought after salmon in the world. Fish over 10 pounds are common with some of the larger catches topping the 30 pound mark.

The peak season for springers is the last week in March through the first week in May. When the bite is hot, it’s nothing short of phenomenal.

The large kings are incredible fighters and they will test the drag on your reel. This is a popular fishing trip.

Fall Chinook

Fall Chinook are the largest of the Columbia river salmon. These fish are aggressive biters and put up a powerful fight.

They average 20 to 30 pounds but can reach well over 50 pounds. The peak season is the end of August through September.

Fall kings are a great trip. The season provides a mild weather pattern for our region and you may find yourself battling world-class fish in short sleeves.

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