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Columba River Fishing Trips

When it comes to finding a Columbia River fishing guide, Columbia River Fishing adventures is your one-stop shop. We offer guided fishing trips for all the top species that run the Columbia River and we do it all year long.

We are among the top Columbia River fishing guides in the state with over 30 years experiences guiding in the Pacific Northwest. We are a father and son fishing guide team with several satisfied clients that book with us every year.

Spring Chinook Fishing Trips

Our Columbia River Fishing Guide season starts at the mouth of the Columbia where we take part in the Astoria and Buoy 10 fisheries. May is the name of the game with spring chinook flooding into the river and thousands of anglers looking to target these larger than life fish. As the season progresses we move up the river and start fishing the area at the mouth of the Cowlitz or by the Willamette River. As the season pushes on so to the fish as we chase them up the river at the Bonneville Dam is where you’ll find up when targeting these fish during the late part of the season.

Summer Steelhead Fishing Trips

Few people know about the summer steelhead fishing on the Columbia River. These fish can be found near the mouth of the Cowlitz before they begin working their way of the river in June. Steelhead working their way to the upper Columbia river can be found and the mouth of the Deschutes in July or up at the Hood River as early as April. These are some good times to book your Columbia River Steelhead fishing trip with Columbia River Fishing Adventures one of the Top Columbia River Fishing Guides in the Northwest.

Columbia River Sockeye Fishing Trips

When it comes to fishing for Sockey on the Columbia most people think of posting their boats up and the mouth of the Klickitat at the Brewster pool on the upper Columbia River.  They can be found throughout the river system well before they get there. Entering the Columbia as early as July the Sockey fishing in the lower sections of the river near the Bonneville Dam can be a real blast.

Columbia River Sturgeon Fishing Guides

At Columbia River fishing adventures you’ll also find us chasing the beast of the deep also known as the dinosaur of the Columbia the gray sturgeon. Sturgeon can be caught year round on the Columbia and are targeted in several areas below the Bonneville Dam like the mouth of the Willamette River. Keeper sturgeon are usually caught up about hte Bonneville dame and there are opportunities as far up the Columbia River as Hells Canyon. Call us to find out which season is underway for keeper or catch and release sturgeon as the season may vary.

If your looking for a true Columbia River Fishing Adventure give us a call today we’ll be more than happy to serve you.